Hypnotic! Go Inside This Extreme Forging Factory! Blacksmithing Level Over 9000!

This extreme forging factory is incredible! The Kihlbergs Stal AB hammer forging facility is by far the most hardcore forging place I`ve ever seen! They take a block of metal and somehow through perpetual pounding, reshaping and all around torturing the material, it turns into a huge ring, without being welded or cut at any time during the process! There is a whole lot of heavy machinery in this factory but it all looks very safe for the workers as they never get too close to the molten metal. Of course, they all have a fair amount of protection on as well.

This extreme forging factory also does open-die forging which is when you shape metal parts at incredibly high temperature with very heavy pneumatic hammers. I can`t even begin to imagine what the parts they made are used for as they look just so massive and heavy. Ships? Submarines? Wind turbines? Your guess is as good as mine, but whatever use they have, they look awesome! The huge hammers pound away at thousands of pounds of steel with ease, shaping them into whatever they need them to be. To top it off, a comment poses the question – how the machines that are doing the forging were forged themselves?

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