Casting A Ships’ Massive Propeller At 1,800 Fahrenheit Is Mesmerizing To Watch!

In this one, foundry workers are building the most crucial component found on a ship. We are talking about a propeller, but not just a regular propeller, but a transport ship`s massive propeller. We are talking about a transport ship that goes by the name of Tangier. This is really a gigantic ship which has a gross tonnage of 29445. It mainly transports oil and chemical cargo. So, you can imagine how big of a propeller the Tangier has. The propeller made for this ship is created to endure a staggering 124 million miles. Having said that, this ship can travel five times the distance to the moon.

Any rough surfaces or joints would undermine its efficient design. For this reason, the 23-foot massive propeller is put in one seamless bit made from a very durable alloy of 8 medals. The process takes up to five days in order the molten mixture to cool from 1,800 Fahrenheit to a firm lump. Afterwards, the next challenge is to get the gigantic propeller out of its cast without inflicting damage to it. In order to make the propeller effective as possible, it is crucial for every surface to be as smooth as it can possibly be. For this reason, the foundry workers hoist the propeller into a very complex milling machine.

Ever wondered how ships are built? Follow these steps and you might have one!