Not everyone can drive and not everyone has the necessary skills to deserve the place behind the wheel, but somehow people still get a driver license. Moreover, you have to admit that in your circle of friends and acquaintances, there is at least one person that you do not want to be driven by. Well, this here is the worst driver ever which will continue to prove its accuracy and to be presented in the media through reality examples, thanks to surveillance cameras.

Let’s welcome one more video, where one “driver” has troubles getting his car out of a parking lot. We know that parking is one of the biggest issues for new drivers, but this one is definitely going to shock you with his fatal mistakes that at the end will have coincidences for the other parked cars. The worst driver ever clearly had no clue of what is going on and what is he doing during his attempt to leave the parking lot, but according to the spectators the real situation is not like the one you are going to see in the video below.

However, the poor skills shown in this 3-minute-footage are sufficient to question ourselves: Is this the worst parking ever?

Anyway, check out this traffic fail right here!