MOBILE ATM Is The SOLUTION! Tap The Phone & It’s Right There!

When we need something in a short time interval, we usually say we need to push a button to have the thing in front of us. And as time went by, that became possible. We can order food, groceries from the supermarket, clothes and much more. However, this type of ordering stuff slowly becomes history. Nowadays we are able to do all that with a simple tap and/or swipe of the finger on the screen. In order to meet the people`s needs, one Polish bank came up with a brilliant cutting edge invention that will raise this “push of a button” thing to a whole new level! With this invention you can order that thing we probably need the most – MONEY! How is this even possible? First, let`s start with the name of this gadget, it is called IDEA BANK Mobile ATM.

The name really suits it, and you are going to see why. If you are short of money in your wallet, all you have to do is to install the app on your phone or tablet and summon one of the four electric BWM i3 that is closest to you. The car will park, roll down a window and the mobile ATM is there! Never been easier!

By the way, the idea for Mobile ATMs was mentioned for the first time 3 years ago. If you want to learn more about the projects during that period, follow this link.