A Great Example Of Perfect Engineering: 2 STROKE ENGINE WITH VISIBLE COMBUSTION!

This has to be one of the most beautiful and delicate specimens of engineering we had seen in a long time – 2 Stroke engine with visible combustion! And in a case you are one of those people who simply love and enjoy in having minimalistic household, some perfect engineering items for your home decoration, this would be it!

Of course, I`m talking about us, the ultimate Gearheads, who love almost everything that rolls and has an internal engine, in this case, with a visible combustion. Because, as the ones who are following us on a regular basis know well, besides informing you about the latest things about your favourite Detroit muscles, and showing you all kinds of clips of thrilling and suspenseful drag races, interesting and funny drift videos, we also like to keep things versatile, and every now and then, show you something different.

Now, on the subject of this piece of perfect home engineering, the 2 Stroke Engine is completely handmade, and it`s specifically designed to make the combustion process visible, not to be kept inside the machine. In a case it may appear somehow familiar, that`s probably because you have seen its builder`s, Huib Visser, previous work, the 4 Stroke Engine. A project from about three years ago. But unlike that one, his latest built has a belt, which leaves the engine almost completely entirely glass and metal polished. There`s also a passing magnet that is triggering the spark plug, in order to ignite the white-gas fuel…

I guess that`s pretty much all we can tell you about it with certainty, so you better have a look at the video below, and mesmerize yourself with this small perfection. And if you also want to see Huib Visser` previous project, the above mentioned 4 Stroke Engine, go to this link.