MASTERPIECE Of Engineering: Self-Deploying CONTAINER HOUSE!

The number of people looking for an alternative housing is growing each and every day. And to satisfy that demand, many companies offer such projects like multifunctional floating trailers, fully equipped buses and even miniature houses. This article is dedicated specifically to the mini homes. The video clip you are about to see is a computer animation of a self-deploying container house, which seems pretty plausible. In fact, there are plenty of households established in a container, but none of them if self-deploying.

It begins with a screenshot of an ordinary container which is about to transform itself into a real house, that can be set in different environments. The unfolding process starts with forming the walls (made of glass) and the side roofs. That`s up front. When it comes to the back, the process continues with assembling the bathroom. Next, the accompanying items are added, like patio, deckchairs, plants etc. that make the exterior complete. Moreover, the animation carries on with organizing the interior. As the animation goes on, pieces of furniture appear on the inside as an example of how could a home like this look like. During the whole presentation, the container house in revolving for a better perspective.

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