This is Really Impressive! Amazingly FAST TOW TRUCK!

Hello my dear Gearheads and Need for Speed enthusiasts. Today we are going to show you a video clip from an episode of The Downshift, in which you will see Jason Sands, trying to break the Guinness World Record with his powerful GMC 2500HD truck, for the fastest speed towing a trailer. I think that it is needless to stress that this is one of those races that you should not try to do it yourself, because driving a trailer at high speed, is something which is both crazy and dangerous. As mentioned, Jason`s truck is a 2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD, one amazingly fast tow truck supplied and tuned by the Pacific Performance Engineering, to boost enough horse and torque power, to overcome wind resistance at high speed.

The record which Jason is trying to break is 139.11 mph, and those of you who have had some experience with trucks, know that it is very hard to run a pickup truck at that speed, let alone doing it with a trailer. So, in order to overcome all those obstacles that are on his way, he really needs a lot of horse power.

So naturally, the focus of the team behind this fast tow truck is on the engine. They are hoping to make a powerful truck that will break the world record by installing a Twin Turbo, upgraded intercooler, great exhaust system, and many other details, in order to achieve 140 mph.

And if you want to find out everything about this amazing challenge, did they do it and how they do it, check out the video below and enjoy every minute of it. And if you want to read a full review about the GMC Sierra 2500HP, go to this link.