Mercedes AMG GT3 2016 @ 2015 Geneva Motor Show!

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is not all about Concept, Luxury and Performance cars! We have a lot of other INCREDIBLE models! One of them is the Mercedes AMG GT3 2016!!! This awesome race car is the successor to the FAMOUS SLS AMG GT3! This hell of a ride offers great performances as it knows exactly where to get the power from! The twin turbo-charged 4.0 liter V8 engine will make sure this car has the AMAZING PERFORMANCE!

The designers of this MONSTER have put a pretty wide track than the road car including a new grille with a retro look that reminds us of the race cars from the 50`s! It looks like the well-known 300 SLR for example! Stay tuned with us, and you will get more information on various cars! Many more are exhibited here in Switzerland and are waiting for you to check them out! Stay tuned!

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At last, something about the Mercedes AMG S!