Are you a type of a car aficionado, who loves and enjoys in the extravagant and maybe even `over the top` cars? Do you love highly customized American muscle cars that look like they are from another world and are about to melt the asphalt? Well, if you are, and if by some chance you thought that watching some of those custom made muscle monsters that we usually see are the top of it, hold that thought for a few moments and wait until you see Car Artwork we’have prepared for you in the following video!

What we have here is a three and a half minute clip that will take you to the incredible world of Yarrow Mazzetti, a car artist based in Brooklyn, New York, who designs and constructs the most incredible monster vehicles in the world! We have probably said before that someone is making a true artwork out of his cars. But if that was spoken in a figurative way, when it comes to Yarrow, there is nothing figurative about him `cause he truly is the ultimate car artist!

He creates monster vehicles for people who definitely want to be out of the ordinary, and who want to get wild and crazy with their rides! He started to make this over-the-top car artwork with his friend for the Burning Man festival, but afterwards, he seemed to be getting better and better at it, so he started to make a living out of it. Nowadays, his creations can cost more than $100 000! But if you ask me, it is definitely worth it!

Just check out the video below and see everything with your own eyes, and afterwards you can tell us what you think about it! And if you want to see more unusual art cars, go to this link.