WOW! Custom Peterbilt Monster POWER! This Thing is Mean & Powerful!

When we are talking about powerful and big trucks, it would have been `irresponsible` by us if we are showing you only video clips with Ford Powerstroke models, or Chevy Duramax, or some extremely powerful 6.7 Cummins that causes a total eclipse of the sun with its smoke, or having them in a pulling battle between each other. All those things are fine, and we all enjoy watching them demonstrating their engine power, but when it comes to something really big and powerful, then we must have a video with some monster Peterbilt truck, don`t you think so? Today we have prepared exactly that. A video clip with one custom Peterbilt truck in pulling action, during the Broome County Fair, a specimen that will not leave you indifferent for sure.

Unfortunately, just like many times before, the author of this video did not give us any info about this awesome looking custom Peterbilt, except that it has many parts made especially for it. The truck looks simply awesome, and very powerful. So check out the video and later tell us what you think about it in the comment section below.

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