Would You Unload Your Car From a Tow Truck To Avoid Parking Ticket?

I`m sure that everyone of us starts feeling their blood boiling and adrenalin rush skyrocketing when we see our car being issued with a parking ticket or even being towed away for bad parking or something else. But I`m also sure that there are not many who had thought to avoid parking ticket, let alone actually try to do it.

What we have here is a video that is coming from the UK, where the tow truck had found its victim and starts `consuming it`. As you are about to see it for yourself, the car is already being towed, but still not chained and this is the opportunity that the owner is waiting for, to do his dramatic act. The man jumps behind the wheel and without hesitating for a second, he reverse it right off it.

I know that we see all kinds of crazy thing being done with a car almost every day, but this one is pretty unique and original. Not that I`m cheering for the guy (far from it), but I simply can not stop laughing watching him `being smart` and con his way out of this trouble. Take a look at this method to avoid parking ticket.

Finally, these are the towns in the US with the highest parking fines! 

Enjoy the video below!

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