Would You Drive This Ride With Billions of Bees INSIDE? Rock & Roll BEES!

Have you ever found something weird in your old retro vehicle which is desperately waiting for ages to be rebuilt? Maybe insects or animals? If the answer is yes, then you will understand the owner of this International Harvester Scout, who was totally shocked and astonished when he discovered that his two-door truck is actually a huge beehive. The owner did not have a clue how billions of bees started living in his Harvester Scout and in the process of making their new home, they have accessed the quarter panel through rust holes. Understandable, after detection this part has been removed in order to provide access to this newly discovered bees` nest and according to the owner`s statements it will be replaced during restoration. Furthermore, in case you wonder what has happened to this huge family of bees, do not feel sorry for them as they have been removed and transferred with no harm to another beehive.

Now, we are counting the days when the owner of this full of honey International Harvester Scout will reveal a new video, where his beauty will be revived, upgraded and transformed into a modern beast with some awesome parts and hopefully with no bees inside.

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