World Record – The Fastest Lamborghini Gallardo With 1850HP! That’s What We’re talking About!

You know that if we ever find a video of a fast car in action that we will always share it with everyone here! We plan on honoring this tradition once again by giving you a treat with this incredible video. The car featured is not just fast, it is THE fastest car of its kind! We are talking about the fastest Lamborghini Gallardo in the world! This black beauty put its speed to the test and it was INCREDIBLE! This is why it is our pleasure to present to you the drag race of this remarkable Gallardo. We should also mention that is set a world record!

Again a world record, and again you are going to know more about it right here! This time the new world recorder is the Lamborghini Gallardo. In order to achieve a success in the rank of a world record, there must be a team to take care of the things. It is not just the driver, he is the last (but not least) piece of the puzzle. Anyway, this car is trying to set the 1 mile world record and it makes it! It reaches the speed of 409.55 km/h (or 254.48 mph) for a time of 20.845 seconds! Check the Fastest Lamborghini Gallardo with 1850HP modified with the best tuning parts by GTR RT, Exelixis, ZOD, SPP, Altechno, GTT and Syvecs. We must admit that the team did a remarkable job of tuning the Lamborghini Gallardo to near perfection. The driver did a splendid job as well. Wherever you work on something that sets a world record, you deserve a praise! The least we can do is to share this video so that the world can see the fastest Lamborghini Gallardo in action! Enjoy the spectacle people, it is quite special.

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Enjoy the video below!

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