WICKED Diesel CUMMINS CHEVY C30 Truck On 24″ Wheels!

If you place an old school muscle car next to a new generation muscle car, which one will attract more attention? Of course, it depends from the cars you are comparing, but let`s put it hypothetically. In our opinion, the old timer will always have a slight advantage than the newcomers. Sadly, we are not going to compare a new muscle car with an automobile from the previous century, but on the other hand, we are going to show you a nicely custom built¬†Cummins Chevy C30 pick-up truck. This magnificent vehicle is powered by a Cummins diesel motor which you can see it from a short distance and pay enough attention to it. There is one interesting segment, but we won`t figure it out. In addition, this awesome vehicle features great 24″ wheels that made everybody turn their heads back at the 2015 Redneck Rumble Spring Edition.

We have to admit that we like this video because it shows everything in less than 90 seconds! You can have a thorough look both on the interior and exterior as well and see every implemented part! This is maybe one of the most handsome custom Cummins Chevy C30 ever!

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