Why You Should Buy a Used Car

New vehicles usually have a very high aesthetic value making them very attractive. Will all the advertising and marketing, they tend to lure most potential car buyers into buying them. But is a new car really right for you? It may have all the bells and whistles and enticing financial plan, but what other option is there? The simple answer to this big question is used cars. There are many merits of how to buy a used car of which are discussed below.

Why You Should Buy a Used Car 1

Purchasing a Used Car Saves You Money

Interestingly, used car prices are averagely almost half the cost of new equivalents! This enables you to pay off the used car much faster and helps you saves some money.

On average, consumers switch cars after six years of use. Paying $20,000 for a used car instead of $40,000 for a new one, you could use the remaining $20,000 for getting a nicer car creating value for your money.

Slow depreciation

A good number of consumers complain of how quickly their car loses value the moment they drive it off the lot. This initial depreciation can be as high as 15% of the purchase amount.

The depreciation for your new vehicle continues as weeks turn into months and months into years. Used vehicles do not usually depreciate as much because the bulk of depreciation has already occurred. In fact, some used cars vehicles may even appreciate!

Reasonable Transaction Fees

No matter how great a deal on a new vehicle might look, most if not all of them have some hidden fees such as shipping and destination costs. In fact, some have hidden advertisement costs which can be very high.

Used cars in Sacramento do not have these hidden fees. You may be charged a `doc fee` which only costs a few hundred dollars.

Reduced Customization Costs

Getting a used vehicle gives you the option of installing your own add-ons at a lower cost than on a new car. This implies you do not have to settle for expensive dealership alternatives when purchasing a used vehicle.

You can actually make use of the money you saved while buying the used car to install the add-ons.

Proper Certification and Inspection

Authentic used vehicles with ownership proof assure buyers that they are getting quality inspected cars at a good price. Having been certified, it means they have undergone inspection, refurbishment and certification by the manufacturer or other relevant authority.

This assures the quality of the vehicle. Certified used vehicles have an extended warranty and better financing plans among other benefits.


New vehicles may look flashy and have good financial plans but in the long run, used cars are the better option. Used cars in Sacramento offer you all the benefits listed above including but not limited to reasonable transaction fees, proper certification and inspection and slow depreciation.

Get your used car today and have the time of your life while saving significant amount of cash in the process.