Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Muscle Car

Not many of us purchase a muscle car with the idea of immediate resale, but all the same, there will probably come a time when you will want to sell yours on. You could sell it as it is… of you could take these simple steps below to increase the value of your muscle car for a more profitable sale.

Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Muscle Car 2

1.   Clean it from top to bottom

Cleaning your muscle car for resale doesn`t just mean giving the inside a vacuum and calling it a day. If you want to create real value for selling on, you need to consider hiring somebody who can give your car a professional deep clean, or purchasing the materials to do it yourself.

Any dirtiness suggests you didn`t take good care of your car, which is a turn-off for potential buyers. Focus on the inside as well as the outside for an overall new car look.

2.   Get rid of those unusual noises

Nearly all of us will have experienced the occasional creak, rattle and groan from somewhere within the depths of our muscle car while we`re out and about, and shrugged it off as nothing serious.

This may be the case, but it doesn`t bode too well when it comes to letting a prospective buyer take a test drive in your vehicle. It`s a good idea to assess, and fix, common mechanical issues prior to selling on if you want to see the biggest overall increase of value of your car.

3.   Change your locks

If your locks are old or faulty, you`re going to have a harder time convincing a buyer to part with their cash for your muscle car. People love convenience and hate fuss, especially when it comes to day-to-day tasks like opening a car door.

It`s worth looking into an automotive locksmith supply to find the smartest automotive locks and keys available today, and making the change if necessary.

4.   Switch up your tires

Worn down tires are unappealing to the buyer`s eye simply because it means they`ll have to spend money on new ones in the very near future.

You want your muscle car to look as new and refreshed as possible to attract the attention of the most buyers you can, and this may mean purchasing some new tires if yours are starting to wear down. If your wheels are dented or rusted, you might also consider getting some shiny replacements.

5.   Be aware of mileage

A muscle car with a lower mileage has performed less, and there`s no getting around the benefits of owning a car that has spent less time on the road. A lower mileage car tells the buyer it should have less general wear and tear, and less load on the engine, making it a long-lasting worthy investment.

If you`re planning to sell on your muscle car at some point in the distant future, mind your mileage. Perhaps even consider driving an alternative vehicle for trips to the shops and the like.