Why No Production Car Has Hit 300 MPH?

The advancement of technology has enabled us to own some pretty extraordinary super cars. The business is blooming and every car manufacturing company is in constant search for better ways to improve their cars. Electric cars are definitely the cars of the future and take part in this process, but is it possible they to be the first production cars ever to hit 300 MPH? Well, the answer can be found in this video hence we take e look at an in-depth explanation.

Why Has No Production Car Hit 300 MPH Electric Cars 2

One of the major issues this has never been done so far is due to the aerodynamic drag placed on the vehicle. Also, with internal combustion engines, lots of cooling is required. This means that you need additional drag hence the air has to pass through the vehicle.

Someone stated that due to the fact that electric vehicles will not have these problems, they just might be possible to hit 300 MPH. Thus we take a look at an equation to calculate how much power is needed to hit certain speed. The most important factor would be the aerodynamic drag, hereby it can be said that the surface of the front of the car is of top most importance.

So as speed goes higher, you need more and more energy to achieve this due to the aerodynamic drag. So the simple solution would to lower the frontal drag as much as possible in order to achieve great speed. So is it possible? Well, you need to find the answer yourself!