Why LOS ANGELES Streets Are Being Painted WHITE!

Check out the video below in order to find out why the LOS ANGELES streets are being painted white. The main reason is because the white streets are helping to keep Los Angeles cool and the city authorities are calling them cool pavements. Actually, the GuardTop company from California makes this sealcoat and you can now see how it works.

Why LOS ANGELES Streets Are Being Painted WHITE 2

A city’s street services are applying it using a squeegee and then it takes 24 hours to dry. The main reason for applying this GuardTop is because black asphalt absorbs 80-95% of the sunlight. The light colored coating, especially white colored, reflects those solar rays and the pavements are 10-15 F cooler than the black asphalts. Also the cooler pavements reflects less heat into the buildings and is keeping the homes cool. Two coats are lasting up to 7 years and will cost Los Angeles city around $40,000 per mile.

What do you think about this white coat over the streets in Los Angeles? Do you think this is the best solution? Do you think the correct way to reduce the temp is plant more trees? Please share your thoughts with us and tell us what do you think in the comment section below.