Why Hollywood Loves the Pontiac GTO

The muscle car is one of the most polarizing vehicle types of all time. Some vehicle enthusiasts have lauded it for its poor traction and simple construction. At the same time, there are countless others who`ve loved it for its power and ability to go in a straight line. They also love the way muscle cars look. The GTO is known as The Great One or The Goat because of all these attributes and more. It will always have a special place in the hearts of petrolheads. This is why it is priced higher than it has ever been. If you`re looking to buy one, do look around for the best deals and the Pontiac GTO auto insurance rates.

Why Hollywood Loves the Pontiac GTO 1

But where did this vehicle type emerge from? Did it start from the muscle cars today; aka the Mustangs, the Camaros and the Challengers? No, there was another. As iconic as these cars are, the first muscle car is a largely extinct one; the beloved Pontiac GTO.

One of the greatest American cars of all time, it represented an era of motoring. You can find it featured in many Hollywood films, TV series and music videos. There are a lot of film stars and celebrities who proudly own this vehicle, even today. The following shows you why Hollywood loves the Pontiac GTO.

About The Pontiac GTO

Origins and Success

The GTO was introduced by Pontiac back in 1964. It was Pontiac`s attempt to make a car that performed well in street racing. They essentially took an upcoming mid-sized coupe and added a larger engine to it. This was a 6.4-liter V8 engine that produced more than 325 horsepower.

This was a lot to take back in the 1960s, and Pontiac predicted that they`d sell only 5000 units. An interesting fact about the GTO is that its name and some design aspects were coined by legendary automaker John DeLorean. They put the car into production in 1964, hoping that the youth would like it.

The vehicle was a success, featuring convertible and coupe versions. Sure, the critics called out the car`s steering slow and dim-witted. But the power, the reasonable price, the options list, and the looks of the car won everyone over. The aforementioned figure of 5000 was oversold; with 32k plus units sold.

The next year saw the sales more than double. The car wasn`t very smartly designed, but the marketing did the trick. Over time, Pontiac added more options and packages. The GTO was initially an optional package for a vehicle called the Tempest. Upon its success, they turned it into a separate model.

Decline and Discontinuation

The first gen GTO sold in hundreds of thousands and was followed by the second generation. This was more refined and was reviewed more favourably by the motoring critics. It was a needed step with other American brands selling their own muscle cars, increasing the competition heavily.

Eventually, the sales of the GTO started to decrease. But this wasn`t just because the competition was very high. There were several oil crises which made fuelling its large engine difficult for the common person. Also, the world started moving towards greener cars with new emission laws in place.

The company eventually stopped promoting it as they did at a time. It was eventually discontinued after a 4th generation in 1974, being in production for 10 years. It was revived for a time back in 2003, as the American version of Australia`s Holden Monaro. It just didn`t click with the audience as the old car did.

Hollywood`s Obsession with the Pontiac GTO

Films, Series, and MVs Featuring The GTO

The Pontiac GTO has been featured in around 473 films and series according to the IMCDB. Some of the most popular appearances include the 1970 GTO driven by Kevin Pickford in Dazed and Confused (1993). Justin Timberlake also drove it in the movie Trouble with the Curve (2012).

Some other movie features of the GTO include movies like Two Lane Blacktop (1971), Hollywood Knights (1980), and Home for the Holidays (1995). It has also been regularly featured in TV series such as The Monkees, Viper, Due South, and Rosewood. It has been featured in small roles as well.

The GTO has also been featured in a couple of music videos. The most recent one is by rap sensation Post Malone, in his song; Motley Crew. Other music videos that have the GTO include Graveyard: Endless Night, Demon Fire, Gangsta Gangsta, and City is Ours.

Actors and Celebrities Who Own/ed A GTO

There are several high-profile celebrities who own and cherish the Pontiac GTO. Justin Timberlake not only drove the GTO in the aforementioned film. But he was so mesmerized by it that he immediately sourced and bought a 1970 GTO Convertible for himself.

WWE legend and actor John Cena has an extensive muscle car collection. One of the beauties he has owned is a 1969 GTO Judge. But that`s not the only one he`s been seen with. Cena also owns or has owned a 1968 Pontiac GTO coupe.

Wade Kawasaki, who is the president of Coker Tires and has appeared on Jay Leno`s Garage; also owns a 1970 GTO Judge. Val Kilmer, or Batman himself; also owned a 1969 Pontiac GTO convertible. It was revealed that he auctioned it off last year.

Why Hollywood Loves The GTO

Filmmakers and film stars appreciate the cool factor associated with this car. It looks badass and sounds even more so. Hence this car is the epitome of awesomeness and is used to show that a character is cool. Film stars on the other hand appreciate that it is rare and is a certified classic.


So, this was the Pontiac GTO and why it is so precious to American automotive enthusiasts. The GTO is a timeless classic with a cult following. It is literally the grandfather of the American Muscle genre. At the time of its production, it represented the rebellious attitude that the youth had and still have today.

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