These are the best classic cars from the 1960s

The 1960s was an amazing decade for lots of reasons, and if you are a car nut then you have more reason to be infatuated with this era than most. Here are just a handful of the vehicles which best define the 60s, bringing iconic designs and impressive performance together to leave a truly memorable impact on the automotive industry. Check out the the best classic cars from the 1960s.

Image Source: Pixabay

Ford GT40

Conceived as Ford`s answer to Ferrari`s dominance at the Le Mans 24 hours endurance race, the GT40 managed to exceed expectations when it was first introduced in 1964.

The 4.2 litre V8 engines of the prototype models were swapped out for even beefier 4.7 litre power plants once full scale production got underway, and it took the magic touch of racing legend Caroll Shelby to realise the full potential of the GT40.

Shelby Cobra

Caroll Shelby wasn`t only responsible for hardcore American muscle in the 1960s, as he also leant his genius to automakers in other parts of the world. In fact, he was the one who contacted AC Cars to ask if he could get his hands on an adapted version of the Cobra which would be capable of shouldering a hefty V8 engine.

The rest, as they say, is history and one of the genuine stalwarts of the 1960s performance car scene was born. Even over half a century later, the Shelby Cobra still inspires awe and is one of the many brands bought and sold by enthusiasts on

Jaguar E-Type

Often cited as being the best-looking car ever built, the E-Type is entirely evocative of the 1960s and has continued to capture the imaginations of generation after generation of car fan.

Today the 0-60mph time of a little under 7 seconds and the top speed of 150mph seem very tame, but at the time they were revolutionary and helped to push Jaguar`s rivals to up their game as well.

Pontiac GTO

One of the more affordable classics to still be regularly available for sale, the Pontiac GTO was easy on the eye when it landed back in 1964 and has aged like a fine wine, with its aggressive lines and ultra-long footprint making it an imposing presence on the road.

It is also one of the few classic brands that managed to maintain momentum into the 21st century, although the late-era GTOs are a long way from achieving the same classic status as those from the 60s.

Jensen Interceptor

A British twist on the concept of American muscle, the Jensen Interceptor has arguably the coolest name of any car made over the course of the 1960s. It also boasted some pretty impressive specs for the time, with a 6.3 litre V8 engine sourced from Chrysler and a body designed and made in Italy.

Like many old school sports cars, the Interceptor was more bark than bite, but it is still deserving of attention today because of the stunning styling and the retro charm it offers.