Check Out The 12 Most Amazing Miniature Engines In The Automotive Industry!

It is with great precision that marvelous creations like these 12 miniature engines come together in order to become something that have astonishing detail worth admiring.

12 Most Amazing Miniature Engines 2

These creations contain the right combo of aluminum, stainless steel and bronze. Because of that, these tiny little powerplants are able to function exactly like the real ones. In this list, you can see all types of engines with various specifications. The first in the video is one awesome V10 125cc that is a 1/3 scale model. It has a MS3 Megasquirt fuel injection that features complete sequential ignition with COPs. Up next you can see a very nicely done Ferrari 512T Flat 12 that is able to produce one monstrous sound that is bound to leave your ears drumming.

This lit of amazing miniature engines just doesn`t fail to impress more as it also features a miniature V8 103cc that`s able to produce up to 16HP. This little monster is built by master engine modelers Dwight Giles and Ken Hurst. Elsewhere in this spectacular compilation, you can see a V8 Nitro Engine built by Adam Culf. This engine is completely handmade that is 76cc and produces 4hp at 6000rpm.

Faster than your moped for sure. However, one engine that we find pretty special is the engine by W7CJ. This engine is built from scratch. It`s a four cylinder and four-cycle diesel engine. It has a 7 inches long engine block made out of cast iron. This list features many other awesome engines that are bound to spark your imagination and creativity.

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