Watch This Lambo Drift in the Snow Having Fun!

I think that we can all agree that snow probably is not the first thing that comes to anyone`s mind when someone mentions the famous Italian supercar, the Lamborghini. Most of the times we are watching this awesome car rolling down on the streets of Monaco, where the sun is always shining, or in a drag battle with some other hypercar or maybe another model of Lamborghini, but rare are the opportunities when we see it in the snow. Well, in order to show you a little bit diverse ambiance when it comes to Lamborghini, and to show you that one can also have a great time and fun in the snow with such an expensive toy as well, today we will show you this Lambo drift video clip.

We do not have the information about the location where this video was filmed, but from what we can see on it, it seems like the owner of this great Lambo, with a military style paint job, was somewhere up in the mountains for a weekend, or a holiday. And since there is a plenty of snow, instead of the usual revving, acceleration and maybe even doing a little burnouts on the asphalt, the guy decided to do the only logical thing -- to have fun drifting his awesome (what it seems to be) Lamborghini Gallardo in the snow.

So check it out and enjoy this one minute of snow drifting and having winter fun with the Lamborghini Gallardo. And if you want to see another Lambo drift in the snow, go to this link.