Which Engine Oil Is The Best For My Scooty?

The type of engine oil you choose for your scooter significantly determines its performance efficiency. And if you are confused about which oil to choose for your scooty; then this article is an ideal guide for you. Below, we highlight the factors that will help you determine the right type of engine oil for your scooty.

Which Engine Oil Is The Best For My Scooty 2

Focus on OEM Specifications

The primary thing to remember when selecting the scooty engine oil is to focus on the OEM specification. You should never change the oil grade or mix different oils together at your own will.

When you are changing the oil, make sure that you identify what brand and grade of oil were used to top up initially. Scooters are of low maintenance, so choosing the right engine oil is one of the most important things that cater to its maintenance. You must strictly adhere to the manufacturer`s instructions and perform an oil change at recommended intervals.

Engine Oil Types

When it comes to choosing engine oil, there are a lot of things that you should consider, such as bike/scooty model, temperature, the purpose of the bike, etc. The type of scooty engine oil also plays an important role.

  • Mineral Oil

This type of engine oil offers little with regards to additives. You can only use this type of engine oil for new engines and for a short time period. These oils are produced locally and used in bulk at small service stations.

  • Synthetic Oil

These are the most popular types of oil and engineered chemicals developed in laboratories to offer enhanced mechanical properties at both high and low temperatures. Synthetic oils feature properties that are merely limited to temperatures. Some oils come with properties that boost lubricity to achieve better mileage, inhibit rust, balance impurities in oil, etc.

  • Semi-Synthetic Oil

It is produced using premium mineral oils as base oil accompanied by additives. The latter is used to increase the performance of base oil for a particular purpose. But this oil is not recommended for conditions where the temperature is very low or high.

  • Premium Mineral Oil

It is a refined version of basic mineral oil, which is filtered, packed, and offered by many popular brands. Mineral oil provides better performance as well as longevity in comparison to the standard mineral counterpart. This type of oil is perfect for scooters as they are economical and do need acceleration.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right engine oil for a vehicle can help your vehicle operate more smoothly. If you live on a high terrain road when the temperature is lower, it is better to opt for engine oil depending on its viscosity grade.

Scooters feature smaller engines so you can use premium mineral oil if you are on the budget. If you can spare to spend a few extra bucks, then it is better to choose synthetic oil. The right engine oil for a scooter can reduce the friction on the parts and keep it moving for a longer time period.