The Ultimate Compilation Of Monster Big Turbo Engines Starting Up Is Here!

Back in the days, everything seemed very simple. All big American car manufacturers were constantly following the same basic idea which was the most efficient way to ultimate victory. Just fit a huge engine under the bonnet, and when the consequences arise deal with them later. On the other hand, imports had a different approach with engines. They made engines with smaller displacement with the purpose to squeeze as much power as possible. However, nowadays, we have a completely different situation and things are changed drastically. The brutal government regulations clamped down on car manufacturers forced them to replace the good old game plan. This is when the big turbo engines were introduced.

All big manufacturers resorted to using turbocharged and supercharged engines so it can battle the feisty competition. Nevertheless, even though we are getting engines that are constantly becoming smaller in displacement, we still have some extremely powerful behemoths out there. The purpose of this big turbo compilation is to showcase exactly that. It features some insane vehicles with big turbo engines on both new and classic custom-made cars. Additionally, we also get to see one insane Harley Davidson. This bike will definitely blow your mind to bits. However, there is one clip in this compilation that showcases a VW beetle which is definitely not supercharged but uses a rotary engine. Apart from this, the compilation is great.

Before you go, witness the power of a 11.6L 3000HP turbocharged rotary diesel engine!