What the Truck? 4 Types of Trucks You Might Not Know About

When you were younger, you may have played the license plate game, where you tried to see how many states you could spot. Now, it’s time to play a new game: How many different types of trucks can you name? You may think you know trucks. But the reality is, there may be certain trucks you’ve simply never heard of. Fortunately, we’re just excited about trucks as you are. So, here, we take a look at 4 types of trucks you may not know much about. Let’s dig in!

What the Truck 4 Types of Trucks You Might Not Know About 2

1. Boat Haulage

Large cars and SUVs can carry smaller boats, but a boat haulage is needed to carry today’s most prestigious and heaviest boats.

This special low loader is designed to accommodate a boat’s massive weight. For this reason, this type of vehicle is made to provide stability over speed.

The cost to haul your boat with one of these types of trucks runs from $150 to $1,000 depending on your boat and the distance it will be going. 

2. Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Front loader garbage trucks are ideal to use at industrial and commercial businesses that collect garbage in a central location using on-site dumpsters.

Businesses that rely on these garbage trucks include, for example, office complexes, apartment complexes, and construction sites.

Front loader garbage trucks work by picking up dumpsters using arms located at the front of the vehicle. They are designed to be highly reliable and functional, thus making trash routes much more profitable and easier.

Take a peek at these front loader garbage trucks, which are currently available for sale. 

3. Car Transporter

This type of truck features either a single deck or two decks with spaces for holding cars. This type of vehicle especially comes in handy for shipping cars to dealerships from manufacturers during long transits.

Car transporters can be either closed or open, and they come with ramps for unloading and loading vehicles.

Unlike flatbed trucks, car transporter vehicles do not come with winches or loaders. Rather, they depend on a vehicle to simply be loaded under its own power.

4. Trucks Used for Highway Maintenance

A highway repair truck is a special truck equipped with features that enable an individual to stand at the back and position cones along a highway.

The truck, also known as a highway maintenance truck, allows for the isolation of certain strips of a highway so that repairs can be completed.

These trucks also have retractable crash barriers, as well as lighting to allow workers to complete tasks during nighttime hours.

With these trucks, you also have plenty of cargo space for storing tools and materials to make repairs. 

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