What is the best car for your business?

As with anything when it comes to your business, the car you decide to use in your fleet must be carefully chosen, as, while it is on the road, the car represents you and your company. This amazing article will answer all of your question concerning on what is the best car for your business. You will read about the factors to consider, the cost effective models, models from the middle and the more expensive models.

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Factors to consider

You should take into consideration many factors, including the car’s fuel consumption, its engine power and its price. It is also important to remember what you will pay with regards to BiK -- Benefit in Kind is the percentage of tax on employees who will use your company’s car. The amount of tax paid is based on the car’s C02 emissions, so the more environmentally friendly the car, the lower the tax will be.

Insurance, of course, is an important factor you will also need to get right, for both your car and your business’ reputation. Follow the link to find the most common questions around car insurance

The cost-effective options

If you are looking at the value market, you could pick up a very reasonable model, such as a Skoda Citigo or a Suzuki Ignis, priced anywhere between £11,020 and £12,999. With a 1.0 and 1.2 litre engine respectively, the fuel consumption will only be great depending on the journeys made. The BiK you will have to pay will also range from £72 to £90 per month at the most.

Both cars are good value, with the Citigo being startlingly handy on motorways and the Ignis looking more like an SUV, but with a great engine and lots of handy gadgets, such as Apple CarPlay and a parking camera.

One from the middle

With a 1.5 litre engine and a price of £18,795, the Mazda MX-5 provides you with an eye-catching choice  for your company’s car. Priced in the middle of the current market, at £18,795 and, with a BiK rate of £87 to £173, the MX-5 injects an element of fun into your driving.

Unfortunately it is a two-seater, so that does have to be taken into account, but its dexterity, look and agility on the road certainly adds something a little different.

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The more expensive models

Should you be looking to present a little more class to your company car, sending a statement of exclusiveness, these options provide just that:

The Mercedes E-Class, with a 2.0 litre engine, is a hybrid that both looks and feels great on the road. On the market for £45,555, its BiK ranges from £99 to £197 per month and the car can be fitted with additional pieces of technology, such as large widescreen displays, giving the interior a more contemporary look.

Going at 128.4mpg, the BMW 7 Series is another hybrid with a 2.0 litre engine and a BiK scope of £166 to £332 per month. Cited as a very smooth ride for both drivers and passengers, the 7 series presents an image of high status and can raise your company’s image to the next level. At £76.725, you glide along in almost silence, with soundproofing blocking out any motorway noise.