Watch Tommy Ivo’s RIVIERA WAGON MASTER In Action! This BEAST Is Powered By FOUR 425ci BUICK ENGINES!

This article is dedicated to one legendary dragster RIVIERA WAGON MASTER. Our elder readers will most certainly remember this vehicle which also is a good example for the new gearhead generation to see how things were done back in the day. Without further ado, we would like to present you a video of the one and only RIVIERA WAGON MASTER wagon – the vehicle created and driven by Tommy Ivo.

The most important section that makes this vehicle so unique is visible at first glance. It is a word of the machine setting this automobile in motion. Or machines if you prefer. We said MACHINES due to the fact that Tommy Ivo`s “Riviera Station Wagon” is powered by FOUR 425ci Buick engines! But that is not all! This car has two drive axles, meaning that two engines set the front wheels in motion and the other two set the rear wheels in motion! Insane!

Moreover, the “Riviera Station Wagon” had the “honor” to be the first car ever banned by the National Hot Rod Association! After this occurrence, this family car happened to be the first dragster available for exhibition. Nonetheless, you are going to watch this vehicle in its full glory, doing what knows best – drag racing! Namely, this vehicle will cross the quarter mile finish line in 10.10 seconds at 272 mph, which casts a bit of suspicion, don`t you think?

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