1941 WILLYS COUPE Dragster With Duramax Engine Under The Hood!

Isn`t it awful when an important event has to be canceled? In our case, a drag races event. Imagine all those disappointed gearhead faces that went to spectate the amazing races! We don`t want to be in their shoes, that`s for sure! Anyway, today`s video is connected with an event cancelation, but you won`t see disappointed faces in the end! It is a word of the Big Sky Diesel Nationals event that got canceled due to the weather conditions. But the rain wasn`t an impediment for some persevering guys! They want to get a taste of their badass vehicle -- 1941 Willys Coupe!

In fact, this vehicle was supposed to have its debut at the Big Sky Diesel Nationals festival. The event was canceled, but this old-school automobile full of steroids had its debut after all! Not as planned, but is definitely better than nothing. The 1941 Willys CoupeĀ several test runs (all of them enclosed with a description) and one of them reminds us that driving a powerful car on a rainy day isn`t probably the smartest choice. In other words, it lost balance. We would recommend not to do this at home.

At last, click here to witness some crazy sounds produced by one 1000 HP Pro Street 1941 Blown Willys 540 Truck! Amazing!