Watch This Pinkish Semi Truck Making Some Great Donuts! Looks Like Fun!

We do not really have many chances to see semi trucks doing some attractive stunts, burnouts, or some other crazy stuff that are `injecting` you with a hard doze of adrenalin rush, right? Well in today`s post we have prepared a video of а great looking pinkish semi truck, painted in awesome paint and busting out a crazy donuts!

Any time I see a guy in a truck who is proudly showing off his driving skills or creating a huge and dark clouds by making a rubber burnouts, or like in this case, busting out some insanely good donuts on the parking lot, it makes my heart sing, I have got to admit that.

As you will see in the video bellow, the guy really got into it hard and deep with his pinkish semi truck and who knows how much longer he would have continue doing it, if one of the fences did not felt down from the high exhaust pressure and someone did not yelled at him to stop?!

I guess, anyone can get carried away having a good fun with his vehicle, right? I, personally, still have not had the pleasure of experiencing something like this with a great semi truck, but I can imagine it feels great!

Enjoy the video below!

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