Watch This 1800 HP GTR Monster vs Other 1000+ HP GTRs!

What we have here is another one of those video clips in which the world`s fastest street car, the one and only Nissan Skyline GTR R35! This time a 1800 HP GTR, in some kind of a drag contest in Belarus, seriously beating of the rest of the competition (which is also pretty impressive).

There are other Nissan GTR R35s, also highly modified and with engines that can develop over 1 000 HP, but our main protagonist of this race and video, Nissan GTR R35, Thor DT, number 111, with an extra powerful engine that generates 1 800 HP is taking out all of them, just as if they were some old station wagons.
First on the `menu` is Nissan GTR (R35) Turbo Drive SV 700, 700HP, than Nissan GTR (R35) Mk 2 Hulk ETS with an engine that also produces 1 800 HP, than another 1800 HP monster, Nissan GTR GTT Zeus and they all fail (big time) to catch up with number 111. Last one who tried to do something about it was a guy in Jeep Grand Cherokee STR-8, 7.2 liter Custom Twin Turbo (NOS), and even if the GTR gave it some head advantage, the final outcome was the same again for the 1800 hp GTR.

Just watch this, I`m sure you`ll like it!

Anyway, check out this piece of hot Nissan GTR!

Enjoy the video below!

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