2 Nissan GTR R35 vs Ferrari 458 SPECIALE Of The Same Number!

Watch this awesome Race Track Battle between 2 white Nissan GTR R35 vs Ferrari 458 SPECIALE (also 2, white and red)! These guys are pushing the throttle to the max and showed very good skills in the corners too. I’n not sure for the guy driving one of the GTR‘s, because it seems to me that he made a lot of mistakes and if we look up at the facts -- he is driving maybe one of the easiest cars for driving in the world. 4 wheel drive is very big advantage especially in the corners! Anyway, one of my favorite parts in this video was the 2 m5’s going down the Ferrari 458 on that straight line. So, pay a special attention on that situation!

Which was your favorite part? Finally, read more about the Ferrari on the official website!

Enjoy the video below!

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