1000HP GTR vs Supercharged Mustang! GTR Gives 5 Cars Lead At Start!

Check out this street Drag Race between this 1000HP GTR with no LC vs Supercharged Matte Black Mustang! As you can see the GTR Gives 5 Cars Lead At Start…and still smokes this Pony Car! đŸ™‚

Do you know what time it is? It is RACING TIME! We have prepared something very spicy for you guys and we are truly eager to show it to you! We have two amazing cars -- one technical super car, NISSAN GTR with more than 1000 horsepower to the motor, and one MUSTANG fully modified! They are now going to measure their strength as the GTR gives 5 cars advantage to the MUSTANG! Despite the amateur footage, this race was really great as it gathered a huge amount of people! The GTR however, won! This is probably no surprise, but we salute the MUSTANG as well for the good fight! Maybe the video is short and there is lack of footage but the difference that GTR made is just insane to me!

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Moreover, these are allegedly the best Nissans out there!