Have you ever attended a street rally? If you have, then you know that the feeling is indescribable. Standing almost on the road, only a few inches away from the cars passing by you at high velocity makes the adrenaline level significantly higher! Also, being there, gives you the unique chance not only to see the speedy vehicles, but also to hear the loud roaring engines in person! There is no need for an amplifier! Hence, we would give you an advice. In order to have a better perspective about this video, and make yourself feel like you are there, it would be nice if you increase the volume of your disposable sound devices and watch in full screen mode! We are pretty sure you are going to talk to your people about this Porsche rally car and convince them to watch it as well, which won`t be a difficult task to do.

This video is rather short, and the view on the PORSCHE rally car even shorter but one thing is certain – you are going to hear it way before you see it! Then, when it goes by you can still enjoy the formidable sounds it creates! There is no section of this video that can be emphasized as special, because everything is magnificent!

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