Want A 2-Door Modern Charger – GOT IT! Check This Custom 2013 Dodge Charger At Detroit Autorama!

As you know the original, old school Chargers only came in 2-door version. We really don`t know why they started to make a 4-door model… Even if their target were families with children, a lot of Mopar fans are disappointed because there is no 2-door coupe version. They actually destroyed the image of the biggest selling Mopar muscle car… Luckily, someone thought of this “tragedy” and decided to take action! It resulted with the creation of this incredible custom 2013 Dodge Charger! On this year`s Detroit Autorama a tuning company unveiled this stunning 2-door Custom 2013 Dodge Charger with tons of over the top modifications. If you ask us, we find this all white 2013 Dodge Charger very appealing. Driving it probably looks like driving a cloud. The red embroidery just fits in this story. At first glance, this vehicle might not seem as a Dodge at all.

That`s mainly due to the wide body kit and huge rims. Nonetheless, it looks like it`s taken straight out of a car magazine! This car has the beauty level just like other classic Dodge Chargers we have presented here! Even the wheels have FANTASY written on them, like it is dream come true! Overall, this is one truly exceptional vehicle. And there will always be people who will agree, and people who won`t. In addition, this particular vehicle is made by Fantasy Collision & Customs (hence the noun written on the rims.). Their team has equipped this automobile with a HEMI engine, custom made Wilwood brakes and an air ride suspension! The interior is pearl white leather with diamond red stitching, adding to the whole “exclusive“ look. To put it simply, you need to watch the video so you can judge this car for yourself. It might not satisfy everyone`s taste, but it is definitely worth taking a look.

You can check the official page Dodge Charger page here!