Abandoned Muscle Cars! Over 700 Abandoned Dodges (Mostly Chargers) Waiting For You in Alabama! Google Maps Location Included!

In an unofficial survey done by random teenagers, people were asked what they would choose if they had only one wish! As you all assume, many said billion dollars. However, many answered they would like to find a field full of abandoned muscle cars!

1970_Dodge_Super_Bee_junkyard abandoned muscle cars

When you think, about it, that`s the best option. You can get your money that way, but you will still have a full yard of old muscle!

Shiloh030 abandoned muscle cars

Are you one of those car lovers that have tough times finding parts for their retro beauty? And that old timer is a Dodge Charger? Or a Challenger? And you have been to every possible junkyard of old vehicles? What if we told you that you might be near to a lot of abandoned muscle cars?

Well, today is your lucky day, even the luckiest if you live near Alabama, as we found out “the Heaven” where all these abandoned muscle cars vehicles end up.

More precisely, this huge place is located in Anderson and it is a home of over 700 Dodges, mostly Chargers, waiting for you to make them resurrect. The bird view photo proves the quantity of the cars, so if you visit this place take a map with you, just in case you don`t get lost.

If you are still wondering yourself if you can find the part that you need the most, we assure you that there is no need for that, because the odds are playing on your side as the choice is enormous.

abandoned muscle cars

So, if you are really interested then you should contact www.StephensPerformance.com -- the site that declares itself as the owner of this salvage yard.

1968_Plymouth_Roadrunner_blue_junkyard abandoned muscle cars

For now, we can provide you with that information, plus these close up photos that capture the “health” of the cars.

Check the location on Google Maps!