1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Called The Alabama Slammer!

We present you Alabama`s best mixture of style and performance. This beauty is owned by William “Buddy” and Joan Shores, but most of the work concerning this car was passed on to the professional hands of Foolsby Custom in Bessmer, though the initial work was stared by William himself. Initially, the Alabama Slammer Chevy Chevelle was a perfectly fine SS model, but Buddy was not cool with it.

He wanted his car to be beastly, fast and loud. From the very start of the redesign process, he ordered a full Roadster Shop chassis, Tremec five-speed transmission and a 502 big-block. Buddy, himself, fitted the parts under the metal hood. After this, he decided to pass the work on to the guys from Goolsby Customs. And they surely did an amazing job. They continued the work by adding C6 front suspension and a 9-inch rear in the four-link and creating a perfect set of stainless steel link bars.

1967 Chevy Chevelle - The Alabama Slammer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL9ytfA3-P0As you can see, this car is all about style. When we are the topic, we must mention the charcoal center/brushed lip 18×9 front and 20×12 Tachs.

The Chevelle‘s engine is covered with the most awesome six-shooter carb set by Barry Grant and an awesome air cleaner. But, that`s t all folks1 MSD 6AL digital ignition and Pro Billet distributor are also part of the whole picture as well as the custom three inch stainless exhaust along with the stainless trim pieces and riveted tips, Aeromotive Stealth fuel system and the Tremec TKO five-speed  with hydraulic bearing.

All the exterior was completely shaved before Steve Tracy did all his bright work with the black nickel. Once the grey paint was applied, all the hard work seemed worthy.

When the color was cleared, few areas were black sprayed, so that Buddy`s evil look of the Alabama Slammer Chevelle can be accomplished.

Finally, check out this beautiful Chevy here!