Wanna Know How The NEW Dawn Of Justice BATMOBILE Looks Like?

Today`s video is going to strike both Batman`s and Superman`s fans as well, who we believe eagerly wait for March 2016 to see these two heroes together in a movie. However, the recording below refers more to Batman`s admirers. Sorry Superman aficionados. But this does not mean that you cannot watch this video, not at all. Anyway, what is this all about? As we said in the title of this article, it is a question of Batman`s DAWN OF JUSTICE Batmobile, which you are going to see driving in the new movie!

It was about time! This recording here gives us a thorough look of the vehicle`s exterior. You can closely see the big wheels, the shock absorbers, as well as the dark windshield. More attention is paid to the rear section. The front guns are focused at the end. Overall, this vehicle looks elegant and reminds us of the Batmobiles that were popular 20 years ago. This is a matter of taste, our point of view. However, we cannot make a firm judgement before we see it in action. What is your opinion on this?

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