VW Golf MK7 R Against Nissan GT-R R35 In A Drag Battle! Who Do You Think Is The Winner?!?

Drag racing is awesome! We have shared so many drag battles with you guys we have lost count of them! This will not stop us from sharing yet another one with everyone here! The stars of this video are a Nissan GT-R R35, a car that it used very often in drag racing! This beauty faces a unique opponent in this video. The Nissan GT-R R35 is going head to head against a VW Golf MK7 R! We know that some of you have never even heard of this car.

Although it might be rare in the United States, this range of Volkswagen cars are iconic in Europe! They have been very popular for many years and are known as cars of great quality! This is why you shouldn`t miss this drag battle between to vastly different cars! Trust us when we say that you will be really surprised at the results!

On paper, the Nissan GT-R R35 seems like the absolute favorite to win this drag battle. Better horsepower, more torque, you name it! However, this doesn`t stop the VW Golf MK7 R to beat the Nissan GT-R R35! The German compact car actually comes out as the victor in this battle!

To make things even better, the MK7 doesn`t beat the GT-R R35 once or twice, but three times! That is one hell of an upset! Who would have thought that the VW Golf MK7 R can defeat a beast like the famous Nissan GT-R R35! It is always nice to see a race where the underdog comes out victorious! This is why you shouldn`t miss this amazing video! Sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning defeat of the Nissan GT-R R35 from the VW Golf MK7 R!

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