VW BUS Collection Worth $3,000,000 Owned By Gabriel “FLUFFY” Iglesias!

Take a look at this amazing VW BUS collection worth $3,000,000 owned by the American actor, writer and producer Gabriel “FLUFFY” Iglesias! This superstar comedian is very smart man because he decided to invest his money into something very interesting. He has built a huge warehouse and filled it with classic cars, most of them are classic Volkswagen Vans.

We met Gabriel Fluffy Iglesias and his EPIC GARAGE 11
He is in love with his VW vans and obviously this man find a way to feed his automotive passion. Every single van was completely restored and they all look like they just came out from the factory’s assembly line. Because they are pretty rare, also because of the window count and the configuration some his vans are worth a lot of money.

He also has several Volkswagen Beetles in his classic cars collection and he also owns a 700 horsepower Camaro Trans-Am. He is still searching for more classic cars to add to his amazing collection. With his buddies and his bank account we have no doubt it will not take him to long to realize his final dream collection.

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