VW Beetle Engine Precisely Rebuilt In 6 Minutes Time-Lapse Video!

We have previously been through many amazing and of a kind video in which he witnessed how certain car manufacturing processes look like and the way the finished product looks like at the end. However, what you are about to see in this video might easily top them all and become probably the best engine rebuild video that we have ever seen so far. Yes, this amazing time lapse video is going to give you information about all the steps that VW beetle engine has to go through while it is getting restored to bare perfection.

VW Beetle Engine Precisely Rebuilt In 6 Minutes Time-Lapse Video 2

First things first, this VW Beetle is parked inside the shop and the engine is taken off immediately after. This is done nice and slow hence you must pay attention not to damage anything else. Then, the engine is mounted onto a stand that is going to help much the people in order to much easily work on it. Each and every screw, wire, nut and bolt is carefully taken out and they are laid on a stand and are organized.

Furthermore, the engine is cleaned up thoroughly and every piece of it that needs to be repaired is completed now. Then comes the opposite process of the engine rebuild i.e. putting it back together thus giving its true beauty and shine. It takes a steady hand to finish everything off, before finally placing it back in the VW Beetle.

What do you think, is this the best VW beetle engine rebuild video that you have ever seen?