TIME LAPSE VIDEO: Chevy Small Block Engine Rebuild!

Many iconic and recognizable engines have been built throughout history, and among them is definitely the Chevy Small Block. This engine presents a true piece of American history, something to be proud about. In the following video, you are going to see a Chevy Small Block rebuild. The guys from Hagerty Classic Cars took the old and dirty engine out and decided to make it look brand new. The first thing they, obviously, have to do is to take the engine apart. Every nut and every bolt is stripped out until the engine block is the only thing left. Every piece is sorted out into groups.

The next step they do is polishing each and every part precisely, until finally they shine like brand new. The engine block is placed onto machines which sand the old and rusty areas. The final step is putting it back together, so the Chevy Small Block rebuild can be complete. In the very well made time lapse video, each step is nicely and clearly shown. They even give the engine a fresh orange color and make it that much cooler. Can it get any better than this? What do you think, which other iconic engine deserves such rebuilt?

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