Volkswagen Profit Rose By 3.4% Regardless Steep Plunge At The Core Brand!

Volkswagen Profit 2
Volkswagen profit rose by 3.4% when you take into consideration the whole group. Regardless the fact that the core brand VW has plunged by 86%! The group profit is now $3.83 billion as it was $3.72 billion last year. Company CEO Muller says that the company achieved these fairly well results despite the hard conditions they suffer!

Volkswagen Profit 1

Volkswagen Profit rose thanks to the other brands in the group. The core brand marks 73 million euros lost, on the other hand! Porsche and Skoda are the leaders, while Audi goes flat and Bentley swung loss. By mid-June the company will present a new plan for the period through 2025!