Volkswagen Graveyard From The Diesel Gate Emission Scandal in the US!

Whenever you drive out there on the highway, a spectacular sight grabs your attention and it makes you fall in love with the spot. Even though this is not always true hence there are really ugly sights as well, but what you are about to see in the following video might amaze you. If you have ever wondered what people do when their car simply breaks down and it is no worth repairing it, we present you the answer. This amazing footage was done with a Phantom 4 Pro Footage and it is guaranteed to blow your mind. Hereby, we present you the Volkswagen graveyard.

Volkswagen Graveyard From The Diesel Gate Emission Scandal in the US 1

Yes, that is right! All of the cars that are no longer in function are left at this place. There are thousands and thousands of them! The place is absolutely massive and it would take you hours and hours if you want to count every car there. The cars are all divided in sections at the Volkswagen graveyard and the sight is absolutely mind blowing.

As people say, German do everything the right way, hereby, these cars are parked in the most satisfying and awesome manner. Funny enough, even though there are so many cars, you can only find black, grey, white and a red Volkswagen. The cars are said to be growing in number each day, and who know what they are going to do with them.

What do you think, have you seen so many cars at one place?