800HP Blown Hulk Vintage EL CAMINO 1959 HOT ROD! Mind Blowing!

Sure, many cars can be found out there driving around that will impress you and make you find out more about them. However, there is very rarely a car that will blow your mind to bits, leave you jaw-dropped and make you obsessed by its engineering. Upon first viewing, this vehicle will simply make you stare for several minutes before understanding what exactly is going on in front of you. It appears that this vehicle originates from a vintage El Camino 1959, but the people behind this build took much creative liberties making the car to look like it comes from a Whacky Races cartoon.

From the stylish gullwing half doors to the giant engine that sticks out of the bonnet, there are many thoughts, time and money invested into this car to make it look like a real piece of art. The mad scientists who made this creation, did a perfect job on putting all of these thoughts together that result in the most unique build we have ever seen. Besides looking amazing, it also has 800 HP lurking under its hood. In the video below, you can see this vintage El Camino Hot Rod performing a burnout that totally obliterates those tires. You will love every second of this video!

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