Veritas Global Protection Of Florida Prepare Customers For Unexpected Repair Cost

The cost of vehicle maintenance is increasing day by day, so having a vehicle service contract from Veritas Global Protection is something that keeps you away from big financial stresses. According to a recent study conducted by AAA, almost 60 percent of Americans don’t have enough savings through which they can deal with $500- $1000 car expenses.
That much money is required some time to get new brakes or fix some radiator issues or some other unexpected repair costs.

Veritas Global Protection Of Florida Prepare Customers For Unexpected Repair Cost 2

The best solution is to seek quick escape from a car breakdown issue and choose one suitable deal from a big pool of Veritas Global Protection Plans.

Vehicle Service Contracts Benefits

The first benefit that makes service contracts a substantial financial choice is that it drops down the financial burden, which comes along with vehicle service charges. Americans are ready to set aside some amount every month so that they have a plan to back up their immediate car repair or maintenance needs.

Coverage For Every Need and Budget

Veritas Global Protection Services INC offers a wide variety of plans. It’s not a contract where every customer has to follow a fixed payment structure. Instead, it’s a customer service option where an experienced staff of Veritas communicate with every client to understand his financial condition and needs better. This understanding helps them design a custom plan that every customer can follow without going beyond his budget limits.

Depending on your car specifications and requirements, you can go for a plan that provides specific coverage. For example, when you want coverage for brakes, wheels, engine, etc. then you can tell the staff what exactly you need. As you are picking some basic component’s coverage, therefore the cost of your basic plan will be different from a full-fledged program, which renders coverage for all car components.

An Affordable Plan

Most auto protection plans expire after two years of use. And it’s the time when you need it the most. Getting a protection plan from your manufacturer is an expensive deal. Therefore, car owners prefer to have a protection cover in the form of Service contracts with Veritas Global Protection services INC.

They know that they would be able to get coverage for more than five years, and the overall cost of this plan is lower than that of an extended warranty from the manufacturer.

Choice of Dealership or Mechanic

A service contract doesn’t bound you to get car repair only from dealerships. You are free to choose between a repair shop of the dealership or a nearby mechanic.

Getting Ready for Unexpected

The best thing about having a car service contract from Veritas Global Protection of Florida is that you would be adequately prepared to deal with any unexpected car breakdown. This preparation gives you peace of mind that you have money on the table to deal with your car maintenance.

Make a Deal with a Company that Offers Excellent Service Contract

To make the most from your service contract, you should always pick a company that comes up with the best deal.

1. Veritas Global Protection: It’s an international company that has excellent customer ratings and reviews when it comes to service contracts and auto protection plans. You can rely on the service contract of this company because an A-rated insurance company backs all its deals and plans.

Its friendly staff offer quick responses and make a service contract based on the customer’s financial needs and requirements. A customer will enjoy fast payment processing after claim acceptance by this company. Explore the best Veritas Global Protection Plans at

2.Protect My Car

This company offers three different car protection plans where each plan works well for five years of 125,000 miles. Plans are featured with $100 deductibles and require a $99 down payment. Customers have 36 to 60 months to pay off strategy. When you need high mileage vehicle plans, then you can knock at the door of this company.

3.Concord Auto Protect

In case you need a plan with $0 deductible, then this company unlocks three plans ranging from basic to advanced. However, not every plan comes with $0 deductible; there are only a few that offer this feature. Their plan usually comes with a tenure of 3 to 5 years.