How to Choose Muscle Car for Your Style.

Muscle cars are the real definition of high-performance cars. For a college student, there is no greater dream than owning a car. However, there is a certain level prestige that comes about with owning and at first how to choose muscle car. The bond between an individual and their first muscle car is indescribable.

How to Choose Muscle Car for Your Style 2
  • Classic or Modified Muscle Car

Speed, strength, and durability are some of the traits that the cars in the late 1900s were built on. Such was their desirability that they are still relevant to this day, with collectors looking for the rare models ever produced. The cars have come to be known as American muscle cars with some brands being considered classics such as;

  • Ford Mustang
  • Shelby AC Cobra
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Mercury Cougar

All the cars above had a distinct identity. Car owners have over the years found ways to modify their cars from the body kit to paint job. Modification can be subtle but it hurts to see some people alter the classic identity completely.

  • Choosing Requirements That Fits You

There has always been a debate as to what specifications qualify a car to be considered a muscle car. In the 60`s car production evolved and manufacturers intended to fit powerful motors while still keeping the car light as possible.

The production has changed over the years with companies like, Chevrolet producing cars that appeal to the modern market but still have the characteristics of a muscle car. The performance between the classics and modern muscle car types differ significantly. Deciding on which company, model and year of manufacture will ensure that you have the best first muscle car.

  • Which model suits for college

Having a car in college can be a convenient time saver. It can also elevate your social standards and what better car to have than a muscle car. For a student interested in a car`s outlook, then you are in luck. There is nothing more beautiful than a well-maintained classic muscle car as it is seen as exotic and sophisticated.

The modern muscle cars have beautiful designs too, modern technology and still maintain the power synonymous with cars. The cars are quite pricey with rare classics being sold via bidding wars and modern cars justifying the price tag with up to date technology.

The durability of the cars, however, is what separates the two models as a student can get a second-hand classic at a fair price and still enjoy its performance benefits. However, like a custom essays, cars are open to little customization to match the student`s personality.

  • The Hidden Dangers of a Muscle Car

While the desire to own a muscle car is big there are certain safety considerations that make these models of cars dangerous. A standard muscle car can subject the owner to the following risks;

  • Financial constraints.

Buying the car is expensive in itself. Maintaining the car is another issue that can plunge the owner into financial constraints. For the classic models, maintaining it is expensive

and the parts are hard to find.  The rarity of the parts makes them expensive. New models also experience maintenance issues. The need to regularly change the oil might cause leaks that are expensive to repair.

  • Accident deaths.

The main issue is to do with the body. There are fears that to obtain maximum power and speed, the car manufacturers forego the strength of the material used for the body. This is in the effort to make the car lighter. All models, classics and modern are guilty of this and a nasty impact can place the driver at risk of death.

  • Finding the Right Type of Muscle Car

Before buying a muscle car, there are several things an individual is supposed to put into consideration. Here are the tips by write my essay uk to help you find the right type of muscle car for you.

  • Model

There are numerous models of muscle cars that have a range of classic, modern and sport muscle cars. Some of the popular models are the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and  Dodge Challenger. Each model has its pros and cons and it is a matter of taste on which model suits you.

  • Price

The price of the car ranges depending on the model of the car and the mileage covered. For classic cars, the value may depend on how rare the car is. Check the specifications that fall in your price range to get the best deal

  • How to Adjust Your Muscle Car for a Perfect Fit

There is always room to improve on the car`s capabilities with the brakes, springs and engine. The owner should always take into consideration the weight of the cars and have parts that fit perfectly in the car. For a safe result, adjustments should be done by professionals and the use of original parts.

  • Compare Models Side-By-Side

Here is a comparison of two models of muscle car types as per

  2019 Ford Mustang 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Winner
Price Base price-$26,395 Convertible- $44,855 Base price-$25,000 Convertible- $43,000 2019 Chevrolet
Safety 5-star rating from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Also 5-star rating form (NHTSA) but a 4-star rating on frontal crash test 2019 Ford Mustang
Acceleration 310 horsepower and better 0 to 60 performance 275 horsepower 2019 Ford Mustang
Fuel Economy 21 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway 22 mpg in the city and 31 on the highway Tie
  • New or used

There are too many factors to consider in deciding between old and new but performance and price are the most important to determine which muscle car you will get.

To own a muscle car is a dream for many young kids and grown-ups alike. It’s rare to find a machine that has a stylish outlook and high-performance capabilities that`s why the cars hold a special place in their owners` hearts.