Muscle Car Maintenance: How to Take Care of Your Car

There’s nothing like revving the engine of your muscle car. And that’s just one of the many reasons why you should make your muscle car maintenance a priority. Of course, such a task is easier said than done and this includes choosing the best MOT Stockport based garage. You want to know how to take care of your car so that it runs smoothly for years to come. Here are five of our best tips.

Muscle Car Maintenance How to Take Care of Your Car 2

1. Store Your Car Well

The way you store your muscle car is vital to its care. You have to make sure the garage has the right conditions to preserve your wheels. 

Perhaps the toughest task is removing any dampness from the space. Moist air can cause corrosion, and it can facilitate the growth of mold in the car’s cabin. 

Once you’ve got a completely dry garage, crack the windows of your muscle car. That keeps air circulating inside — no one wants to drive a vehicle that smells stale, after all. 

Finally, protect your paint job with a car cover. A lined fabric will stop the sunlight from fading your vehicle’s exterior. 

2. Start the Car

Even if you don’t want to roll out your car for a cruise, you should start your vehicle every few weeks. We’re not just talking about a quick flick of the ignition, either. Leave your muscle car on long enough for the engine to reach its normal temperature. 

Doing this can prevent a slew of problems in the future, such as a stuck clutch. Failing to warm up your muscle car can, therefore, force you to buy more BMW parts down the line. 

3. Rotate Your Tires

If you don’t drive your muscle car often, then its tires will be at risk of developing flat spots. This pattern happens when a vehicle sits in the same place for an extended period. 

Rotate your car’s tires every couple of weeks. You can make it even simpler by backing the car out and pulling it back into the garage. 

4. Lay Off the Hand Brake

Another way to guarantee your muscle car needs maintenance is to leave it parked with the hand brake engaged. 

An older car can have issues if the hand brake stays in place for too long. Namely, you might not be able to disengage it when it’s time to drive. 

So, leave your muscle car parked sans hand brake. Prevent it from rolling with wheel blocks instead. 

5. Have Expert Checks Annually

You can perform a lot of the above maintenance yourself. Your muscle car will need other small tweaks, too. For instance, you should keep its fluids topped up, which you can do yourself, as well. 

However, you should still have an expert check your muscle car once a wheel. They can make sure its most essential parts are still in working order. That way, you can roll out onto the road with peace of mind. 

How to Take Care of Your Car: A Little Goes a Long Way

As you can see, learning how to take care of your car doesn’t take much. Preventative measures can go a long way for your muscle car, keeping it on the road for years to come. 

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