What’s The Best Oil For Your Muscle Car?

You wouldn`t expect a muscle man to consistently perform at the highest levels on just any old diet, would you? Neither should you expect a muscle car to keep delivering high performance over the long term on just any old oil or it should be the best oil on the market? Synthetic motor oils enable better performance under more extreme conditions over a longer period of time out of the same car or truck -- without shortening the life of your vehicle, as compared with standard oils. 

Whats The Best Oil For Your Muscle Car 1

But it`s not just race cars, luxury cars, and sports cars (especially them) that can benefit from synthetic oil -- anyone who makes numerous short trips, lives in an extremely cold or hot climate, tows or hauls heavy objects, or whose vehicle is getting old, can save money by switching to synthetic.

Why Is Synthetic Motor Oil Superior?

First of all, there`s a misconception that synthetic oil “isn`t really oil” but is basically an “oil substitute” -- that`s not true. Synthetic oil is a petroleum based product that is manufactured from natural raw materials but it is chemically modified. It is still mostly crude oil at its base -- but it is modified instead of merely refined.

The additives and exact processes used to make specific synthetic oil brands are closely guarded trade secrets, and there can be significant differences in quality between one brand or grade of synthetic oil and another.

But the basic, overall benefits are these:

  • Synthetics take longer to break down in higher temperatures.
  • Synthetic oil withstands cold better too.
  • It won`t turn to “sludge” in older engines like standard oil will.
  • Synthetic oil keeps your engine cleaner.
  • Using synthetic will mean less frequent oil changes.
  • Longer engine life and fewer repairs occur, on average, with synthetic.
  • Synthetic does a much better job protecting your engine during long, hard trips and frequent short trips.

Whats The Best Oil For Your Muscle Car 3

Which Synthetic Oil Is Best?

Not satisfied with just upgrading to synthetic oil over standard but want the absolutely best synthetic oil to treat your car right? Search For Parts, a site that is well acquainted with the long term effects of oil on car parts, strongly recommends Amsoil -- and here`s why:

  1. Amsoil gives you 75% better protection against wear and hp loss than the industry standard. That`s pushing twice the protection you need -- and more is always better when it comes to guarding your precious vehicle!
  2. Amsoil back up their oil with more guarantees than most other brands. They`re willing to vouch for their oil at higher and lower temperatures and under more extreme conditions than many of the competitors.
  3. Instead of an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, Amsoil lets you safely use the same oil for 12,000 to 25,000 miles! That may sound hard to believe -- but it`s true. It can depend on the make, model, and age of your vehicle of course, but that`s about the average.
  4. Amsoil is formulated to work well even with cold starts and in harsh northern climates. It doesn`t let your engine gather moisture and impurities on one end like other oils can, when you have to drive short distances in cold weather.
  5. Last but certainly not least, Amsoil is (as the name implies) MADE IN THE USA! Want to support US industries not only by the choice of car you buy but also by the brand of oil you use -- Amsoil is the answer.

There`s no better choice than synthetic oil when you own a muscle car or luxury vehicle -- they almost always require synthetic to avoid serious engine damage over the long term.

But you still have to decide on which brand will deliver the greatest value, and Amsoil stands out as a prime choice in that regard.