His Car Went To Neighbor’s Pool! Never Forget To Pull The Handbrake Up!

Each and every one of us is a human being and we are all prone to simply having a bad day. It is one of those days when nothing goes as it is supposed to go, and this will make you go mad. Hereby, we take a look at the unluckiest person in the neighborhood and how he taught us a valuable lesson on why we should never forget to pull the handbrake up. Accidents oftentimes happen if you do not pay attention to the surrounding and this is something this man will always remember.

Pull The Handbrake Up 2

Namely, he parked his car in front of his house but forgot to pull the handbrake up. This is where things got out of control. His car started moving in the opposite direction from his house towards his neighbor`s backyard. The car gained so much speed as it was coming down that it broke the wooden fence without any problem and entered in their yard. But to make things worse, there was a swimming pool in there and the car simply fell into it. Even though the owner started running for the car, there was nothing he could do.

He simply watched his car going down in the swimming pool. No one knows what happened next hence the video ends here. We can only assume that the man called for help immediately, but he probably also got his neighbor very mad. This is the exact reason why you should never forget to pull your handbrake up!

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