Valentino Rossi Caused Marc Marquez CRASH! CHARGES Will Be Taken!

The Marc Marquez crash is probably news that all MotoGP fans want to read more about. You are all very familiar with the Rossi-Marquez-Lorenzo dispute! For those of you who have no idea what`s the deal here, here`s a brief introduction. Rossi called out Marc Marquez, blaming him of helping his teammate win races, while Rossi himself is being damaged!

valentino rossi marquez marc 2015 crash 6

Allegedly, Marquez slowed down Rossi on purpose many times, so he could allow Lorenzo to win races without allowing Rossi to even have a duel with him! All eyes were on these three when the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix took off!

Finally, follow this link for Marc Marquez’s full bio!